After seeing an adorbs Kate Spade ad asking "What's in Your Bag?" Monkee's girls decided to have our own edition! I asked everybody randomly at work to grab their purses; you'll find some silly and surprising things in our bags here at the store!

 I'll start with myself! I use my Tory Burch Robinson East-West tote to carry my entire life! And the color makes it perfect for every day use. On this particular day, I had my Tory sunnies (complete with Lilly Pulitzer croakies!), my iPad, my Michael Kors clutch that acts as my wallet, and lots of little trinkets like mascara, hair clips and ties, and emergency gum! On any other day you can also find extra clothes, notebooks, and enough hair products to run a mini-salon! 

Griffin has the cutest Kate Spade bowling-esque structured bag, and though it is smaller, it fits a lot of things! She had her keys (with monogram keychain, of course!), matching Kate Spade wallet, and Tory sunglasses! Not pictured: Her small black umbrella that also fits! Talk about space management, Griffin has it down!

Next up is Catherine! Her huge navy Tory Burch canvas tote carries her smaller Kate Spade crossbody (a bag inside a bag!). She carries the essentials for any Monkee's manager- her business cards and Monkee's pens, notebook and iPad, and a snack when she's on the go! She also has her Tory Burch sunglasses, a hairbrush, hair ties and lip gloss! Catherine is prepared for anything and everything! 

Melanie had just gotten back from a trip to San Fransisco, so we caught her at a time when her bag was packed! She's got the gorgeous Kate Spade tote in a fun pink color. Her Lilly Pulitzer on-the-go iPhone charger, her Tory Burch wallet and coin purse, a pair of comfy flip flops for traveling, her keys and a snack were all packed! Not pictured was her small Burberry umbrella and G.E.T Anorak jacket for rainy days! 


Maureen's bag is filled with essentials for Monkee's girls! Her large navy Kate Spade tote (matching with Melanie!) holds her RayBan sunglasses, Tory Burch wallet, extra earrings (you never know when you'll need to change them out), a Miss Oops rescue sponge and tide pen (absolute life savers), floss, monogrammed tissues, and her phone!


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