Monkee's of Fredericksburg continues of COLOR CRUSH week with the fabulous pretty purple. I personally believe that purple looks gorg on everybody, and I mean everybody. After all- I went to a University whose colors were purple and gold... I'm biased, but seriously purple is an all around fave of mine.

Put a freckly girl like myself in purple and all of a sudden I'm looking more tan, my hair looks more colorful and full, and I'm brimming with confidence. Put a fair skinned beauty like Catherine in purple and she just glows! I mean truly, her skin looks flawless and her hair looks bright and she just looks like she came out of a picture book!

Monkee's is loving this color, and we have lots to choose from at the store! Purple is dazzling us all- come in and see how it can change your life (or at least your mood!)

I'm obsessed with purple, and if your closet isn't overflowing with this color- it should be!!


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