I'm not sure about y'all, but green is a color that typically makes me nervous. 
Do I look okay in green? 
Is it too bold? 
Which green is the appropriate color for not looking like a leprechaun? 
How in the world am I going to style an outfit with my green (insert clothing item here)?

Thankfully there is a flattering new way to wear the luckiest color of the rainbow:  
These softer hues of green are the colors of the Spring, and with good reason: they look amazing on everyone! There are a multitude of muted greens out there, and I'm convinced that anybody can rock this trend like they own it.

This "Kelsey Cape" by Tyler Boe combines a few of my favorite things: stripes, capes, and cotton! The single navy stripe creates a pop of unexpected color and gives the top a little edginess. Think gorgeous Spring days and this top fits right in.  

 Two of my favorite pieces in Monkee's of Fredericksburg are the the Lilla P Long Sleeved Cutout Blazer and the C. Luce Floral Lace Dress, pictured above. The preppy blazer can be dressed up (for the office) or dressed down (with the perfect pair of jeans), a single button cinches at the waist and creates a very flattering silhouette.

As for the floral lace dress- do I even have to say anything? It is completely adorable.

These Straight Ankle Joe's Jeans come in a pistachio/mint color (also available in violet!), and are iconic for Spring! Mint  jeans are so popular, entire Pinterest boards are dedicated to outfits you can pair with them! Check out Monkee's Pinterest Page for inspiration!

For more ways to Update Your Green, check out these fluorescent new Lilly Pulitzer dresses...

No outfit is complete without an amazing necklace...

Or fabulous earrings...

While Mint Juleps will always be my favorite form of mint (and pistachio gelato is a close second), this fabulous Spring shade is quickly finding its place in my heart and my wardrobe.


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