Monkee's  Girls  ♥ a  Good  Party!  

One of the most popular and fun trends that Monkee's girls are sporting is affectionately called an "arm party." A collection of bangles, thin rope bracelets, cuffs, friendship bracelets, chains, beads, pendants, and watches adorn forearms across the globe to create a unique statement that compliments any outfit. Some examples from the Monkee's of Fredericksburg girls are below: 

 The best part of this trend is that you have a chance to make it completely your own! Whether you choose to go with a theme (rose gold is a favorite of mine!), or you have pieces that mean something special to you (Chanel Vintage Button jewelry, obvi!), tell your story on your arm.

Monkee's of Fredericksburg  has all of the essentials for the very best arm parties around! Mix different colors, metals, patterns, textures; your forearm is your canvas just waiting to be decorated. Don't be afraid to mix it up, Monkee's girls always have fun with it!

If you are just starting out with the arm party trend, fear not; here are a few guidelines to get your party started! ♥

1. Start with a base piece. For me, I prefer one of my Michael Kors watches. A thick cuff would also work well! 

2. Add smaller and daintier pieces around your base piece. These can be small bangles, thin beaded elements, anything you love. Small pendants and charms always look adorbs!

3. Add a pop of color, if your situation calls for it!  It's always fun to go with a color scheme. Think black and white, or all silver with a pop of hot pink!

4. If you are afraid of being the noisiest girl around, separate your metals with rope or woven bracelets. For an office setting, it would be ideal to stick with just two or three pieces.

 This arm party is simple and easy to replicate: A white Michael Kors watch serves as the base, the smaller infinity/pearl bracelet, braided Yurman style bracelet, and the pavé bracelet make this party complete!

A Michael Kors rose gold watch, paired with set of bangles, provides a classic arm party look. Adding a pavé bracelet and a thicker cuff contribute texture without overpowering the base piece

 Visit Monkee's of Fredericksburg to get your party essentials, and be sure to tell us how you wear your arm party


  1. Fun post, thanks for the stacking ideas!

  2. Sophia,

    Monkee's of Fredericksburg does sell the Michael Kors watches pictured. Please check out our website or our facebook page for more options. To purchase or if you have further questions please call 540-368-2111!

    xoxo Catherine