Hi Monkee's Ladies! We've had some pretty chilly weather in Virginia, and we know there is lots more to come. A lot of women can feel disheartened when winter comes around; staying warm and staying cute can be a tough duo to master! With a few Monkee's tips, you'll have no problem fashionably frolicking in a winter wonderland! 

Ideally, there are a few things your wardrobe needs for a winter makeover. You need a great pair of boots, a great winter coat, and lots of sweaters. Accessories are a fun and easy way to add warmth and style, also! Think mittens and gloves, scarves, thick socks for your boots, vests, there are so many ways to show your style - even when it snows!
Holy Moly! Monkee's of Fredericksburg has some fashion that won't leave you freezing in the snow!

A personal favorite in the coat department are these two beauties below- The Luii Ruffle Jacket (which comes in a myriad of fabulous colors) and Elizabeth McKay's Madison Avenue Coat. Both of these weather-friendly pieces belong in your closet! Such fun colors guarantee that you will stand out, and the great length will keep you warm! 

Sweaters and scarves are two must-have items for the winter! A colorful scarf can spruce up any outfit; I personally love to go with an all-black outfit and pick a really fun scarf to stand out! Trendy sweaters are thick and cable-knit, loose-fititng, and always comfortable! Cardigans fit that same rule, too! Pair a plain cardigan with a pop of color, or a pattern! 

Another fashion go-to for winter are BOOTS. The selection of boots at Monkee's is to die for- all the leather your heart could desire, suede detailing, and gorgeous shiny logos. Boots are probably the most important staple in a winter wardrobe, because they will be paired with many, many outfits!

Accessories can add another fun (and warm!) element to your wintery look. Vests are my personal favorite, but our selection of gloves (especially the Echo Touch Gloves - perfect for smart phone users!) are so colorful and fun, they give the vests a run for their money! 

Let our Monkee's of Fredericksburg stylish associates help you pick out the perfect winter wardrobe! We are sure to have you looking (and feeling!) hot!



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