Native New Yorker Lillian McKim decided at age 21 to elope with her love Peter Pulitzer.  They escaped the hustle and bustle of the city and moved to the sun and sand of Palm Beach, Florida. The citrus groves Peter owned proved ideal for juice stands, and the rest, they say, is history! 

Lilly opened her juice stand, but seeing how quickly the stains got on her clothing, she decided to make bright and colorful dresses to disguise the spills. So the clothing line was created, and soon she was selling more of her dresses than her juice! Her classic shift dress became extremely popular with socialites, but in 1962 when her long time friend Jackie Kennedy was photographed in a Lilly, "they took off like zingo!"

In 1984 Lilly had decided to close down her clothing company, but so many people were still craving the colorful palettes that it didn't last for long! In 1993 Sugartown Worldwide contacted Lilly about reopening the brand, because women and girls everywhere just loved the brand so much. Lilly agreed, and while she was not involved in day-to-day administrative tasks, she became a creative consultant for the brand.

Today, Lilly is regarded everywhere as a timeless and classic fashionable line. Lilly lovers everywhere don beautiful silhouettes with bold prints and bright colors. Though our beloved icon just recently passed away, we will continue to honor her vivcaious legacy and her motto, "Life is a party, dress like it!" ♥

Please join us at Monkee's of Fredericksburg this weekend, April 12-14, for a celebration of Lilly Pulitzer and her life! Enjoy a Lilly-esque juice stand on Saturday, gifts with purchase, view our new merchandise, and enter our "Palm Tree" photo contest to win a special Lilly Pulitzer prize! ♥
  Also, our very own fabulous Lilly Pulitzer representative, Lauren, will be on site on Saturday to take special orders! 

"We focus on the best, fun, and happy things, and people want that. Being happy never goes out of style" - Lilly Pulizter


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